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About Us

Branch Entertainment (BE) is an innovative company that is licensed, owned and operated by Diane Whitaker- Branch of Newport News, VA.

Through the support and encouragement of Diane's loving husband, Wendell, has aided her in making her vision a reality.To build a company that would extend a hand to those who are interested in the entertainment arena that also includes acting. Providing educational tools and professional services that will empower and give the client a competitive edge to reach their goals.

Diane is a poet writer and has recently wrote a book entitled "Spiritual Awakening": Let Your Spirit Fly High and can be found on The Book Patch site, an online publisher.This book has some of her original poems and inspiration.Click on book store. You will see a box that has Search by Any. Click on that. choose ISBN. Type in 978194186032

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She has sung with local jazz gospel groups, and was fortunate to perform on a local television show in the Hampton Roads Area.

She previously Co-Owned Guideline Productions and was Owner of Whitaker Entertainment in the Hampton Roads Area. The experience afforded her the knowledge, skills and insight to recognize the importance of professionalism, being direct, persistent and being fair in operating a business.

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