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In the coronavirus pandemic, over 200,000 people have died in the United States and a surge of over 1 million cases added to the 7 million cases have now reached over 8 million people or more in the United states.

There are some people saying, this pandemic is a hoax, the gov’t and medical personnel in charge is overreacting to the pandemic.

This virus has personally infected some of my family and friends and some people we casually know have been infected by the virus too. A close friend to our family,  cousin recently died from covid-19. This virus does not discriminate.
We must unify to eradicate this virus. What I do know is if people do not take this virus seriously, negative consequences will happen. Some people think the virus will not touch them. Don’t fool yourself. This virus can hit anybody at any time especially if you do not take precautions such as, covering your nose and mouth out in public when you are around people, washing your hands after touching surfaces, and social distancing which means not to be so close to a person especially talking to them without a mask.

In our family for example, before the pandemic struck for many years our grandchildren were very much involved in basketball. Their ages range from 10 yrs. to 19 yrs.of age and they participated in public school to the AAU teams. As grandparents we would support them by going to most of their games and rooting them on and the team they were playing with. Because of the pandemic their basket ball teams in their schools are not playing team sports at this time.

To stay connected with our grand children lives especially In basketball after this pandemic struck, their grandfather who is called Pops by them picks them up at least 2-3 times a week after school, and on Saturdays and take them at different times to practice on their skills at the basketball court near their neighborhood. To be safe they only play together with no outsiders with mask on at all times. The children are picked up from their home and Pop does not go inside the home. Pops and the grand children wear their masks when they are driven to the basketball court and when they are dropped off at home. This is how our family does it to keep each other safe. We do miss the hugs and kisses from the children.This is a sacrifice because we care and love each other and is in hope that one day treatments and a vaccine will be discovered. We will  get the hugs and kisses and they will have an opportunity to play sports.

It is very disturbing that some people will not adhere to a simple request to wear a mask for protection. To mandate is to get everyone on the same page to alleviate the threat which is the virus. Are you getting confused about the difference in a mandate and saving lives?  The ideas you may have about a mandate or what that actually means to you, you must ask yourself this question, are your ideas contributing to protecting anyone from the virus, have your ideas or feelings changing anything or helping find a cure for this virus? Think about that. Again it is not taking any rights from anyone but only to stop the spread of this virus. I am wondering is it because some of you don’t like officials or authority requesting you to wear a mask, to wash your hands, to keep social distancing to help you.  We are in a pandemic that is killing and making people sick and even having long lasting effects such as heart problems, damaging lungs and brain malfunction. This is not a joke or a hoax. Some people make it through and some really suffer and some die. From what I hear about the virus it is grueling and I know, I don’t want it!

It is appalling to hear some people ask governors of their state, when can the bars be reopened or the hours being extended? Is it that critical that you have to go to a bar and you have people dying out there, is it that crucial? Think about this, the bar owner may have you come in to his or her establishment, but the stipulation is for you to wear a mask in order to be served, but as you know, you can’t drink or eat through a cloth mask, so you have to take the mask off. So you and a friend take the mask off to eat and chat. So what happens as you talk, spittle comes from your mouth and travels across the table to your friend and vice versa. Now you don’t know if you or your friend is asymptomatic or if anybody has been tested or have been around anyone that is asymptomatic. There you have it, a cocktail for covid-19. Here you go, spreading the virus in the establishment and to each other.

Also, during these desperate times in these bars/establishments are the utensils sterilized properly and are they clean? Do you trust people that much?

Yes, we are social beings and we miss socializing but you have to remember these are not normal times but a time that a virus is threatening every aspect of our lives. So do we give in or do we fight against the threat?

This is one worst case scenario that can happen when this virus totally get out of hand.

1. All states shut down
2. All stores are closed because there will not be enough drivers to deliver food to the grocery stores because the drivers are sick
3. Not enough grocery store clerks because they are infected and can’t service the public
4. Hospitals are over run because not enough beds for the sick and dying.
5. Hospitals can’t function because not enough nurses and doctors are available because they are sick themselves and some have died.
6. Not enough supplies to help patients.

If the above scenario does happen, use your imagination on how the impact will have on every person and how it will affect national security of this nation as well. The nation will become weak and vulnerable to outside forces as well as inside forces. Have you thought about that?

It’s appalling to me that some people don’t care about other people and don’t think deep enough but can only see what's in front of their faces. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and what their actions can have on others. Think about the poor nurses and doctors and health care workers who this virus is infecting. I read an article that over 900 plus nurses and doctors have died in the U. S from taking care of patients who had the virus. How do you think their families feel? They were mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, etc. but they have died. Do you care? Common sense will tell you the care givers are dying too. You don’t have to read an article to know that. Some of you feel that you can do what you want to do without considering other people.Then you feel the nurses and doctors are obligated, and should take care of your careless and uncaring actions when you are not following CDC guidelines and then you end up in the hospital after you contracted the virus. Some nurses and doctors do stay because they feel obligated, hoping they don’t get infected and some leave because they feel obligated to their families and not wanting to put them in arms way of the virus. Their allegiance is to their families and they don’t want to take the risk.

Following leaders

Another appalling situation is when I hear political people talking about Herd immunity. Herd immunity is when a community allows the virus to spread without trying to control it and see who will survive. Just to allow a virus to run wildly, this is disgusting and absurd. That means children, adults, anyone can die without trying to save their lives. That kind of thinking is not thinking rational at all and is not caring with compassion for others. This thinking is evil and of darkness, it is not of God and this thinking has no place in our society of leadership in hopes that we, our country will stand strong and have a chance to flourish and grow.

This is an extreme case of undying loyalty or we can say dying loyalty because people committed suicide that followed Jim Jones. I know some of you have heard of Jim Jones who had followers and they believed in him and had so much faith in him, Jim Jones convinced his followers to commit suicide. This senseless act happened in 1978 and is known as the Jim Jones Massacre. This is going too far with loyalty or as followers.

Do you know that a person can be so absorbed in following a leader that they can actually lose themselves in that leader and be so mesmerised by his charisma and be convinced what they are saying is the truth. This type of leader can have his followers act just like puppets on a string even
to destroy themselves, others or a nation. This is called the blind leading the blind. This is operating in darkness. They are so much in to their own conviction that they can’t see the truth.

There are people in this world that totally follow man. They believe so deeply and depend on man or authority to get them through a crisis or life other than God. Man can’t save you. I have heard people say, they are with this political party or that political party and no matter what they are going to stick with that political party even when they know that political party is wrong. They will go down with the ship. The people that are voted in gov’t are to represent the people and to serve the people not the people serving them. The political parties should have compassion for the people and both parties should be working together in the best interest of the people not for their own agenda. Like I said before, the decisions you make will have consequences especially if you make wrong decisions. The decisions you make can be catastrophic if you are not careful.

If we work together this virus can be beaten sooner than later. I know this virus is affecting every part of our society and we are tired of staying home and you can’t do what we use to do. I feel the same way and this can be so frustrating but again, if we just work together have patience we can do the things we use to. If we don't work together this virus will last a long time with many more surges, more deaths and sadness as we’ve never seen before.

So let’s get on board together with God and Pray in faith, trust, and believe. God works in so many different ways even through people using his power to help man in any situation he sees fit to change. We must be sincere, with love, being humble and Pray..

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