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Branch Entertainment knows how important it is to present yourself well to those who will have an impact on your career. An impressive professional package will illustrate your skills and talent to show that you are a serious artist. We offer an initial free consultation where the specific needs of the artist are evaluated.

BE Provide the Following Professional Specialized Services:

  • How to Get Started in the Music Business
  • Copyright Information and Forms
  • Referral Services: Booking Agencies, Photography, Piano and Vocal Lessons, DJ Services and Acting
  • Create an Artist / Musician Biography and Cover Letter
  • On Line Distribution and Bar Code Information
  • Professionally Typed Lyric Sheets
  • Demo Recording, CD and DVD Art and Graphic Design
  • Shop Professional Promotional Kit to Major and Independent Labels
  • Video: Taping of Musician / Artist Performance includes Editing, Mastering, and Producing
  • Photography: Head Shots, Group Photo Shoots
  • Informational Acting Packet( To Purchase)
  • Professional Letter head, Posters, Flyers, Business Cards and More

To be accessible to the client, BE will travel to you if you are located in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, and surrounding areas. In addition, BE will conduct interviews via video conferencing and teleconferencing.

Current Artists and Actors

Wendell(Hooker) Branch - A native of Hampton, Virginia is a very Talented and Professional Percussionists. He appreciates all types of music; the genre of music that touches his soul is Jazz. After an extended period of time from the music industry, he realizes the fire within his soul for his craft is still burning. He performs around town in the Hampton Roads Area playing with Jazz, R&B, Old School,Gospel and Rock Bands.

Wendell(Hooker) Branch - Percussionist

Kendall Clark- A native of Chesapeake, VA is a Motivational Speaker and an Aspiring charismatic actor who is debonair in his own right.

Paul Santos- A Virginia Beach, Virginia native.He is a Very Talented and Focused actor who has a Demeanor that captures your attention leaving you wanting more.

Gil Artist- Of Newport News, VA is

a Guitarist and Vocalist and founder of Gil's Artist Project, a band that is diverse and Electrifying.

Genre of music - Neo Soul, R&B, Jazz and Old School

1 Nation Band-A band of many Talents from Newport News, VA

Genre of music: R&B, Old School, Jazz, Neo Soul, Gospel and Classical

Brittany Flairley - A native of Gulf port, MS. is not just a beautiful Actress and Model but is Extraordinary, Extremely Talented and Versatile.

Kenneth Bell - A native of Newport News, VA who is known to be Humorous, as well as being Serious about his trade.

Kyle Douthy - A native of Springfield, Ohio is a Conscientious and Thorough Actor who puts his best foot forward in making his characters believable

Liz Randall-A Modest and Profound singer who loves to wow the crowd from Newport News,VA

Genre of music: Neo Soul, and Eclectic

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